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Credit Score Tip – Give Yourself Room to Pay

Credit Score Tip – How to Use Credit Builders

Credit Card Sales Tip – Carefully Compute Sales Tax

Credit Card Sales Tip – Link Your POS and Your Accounting Systems

Credit Card Sales Tip – Cash and Checks versus Credit Cards


Cash flow

7 Cash flow Management Tips for Small Business

Renegotiate Customer Payment Terms

3 Strategies That Can Help You Avoid Your Next Cash Flow Crisis


Loans / Funding Products

Navigating Small Business Grants – Federal & State

Pay Attention to Rate Options and Loan Fees

How to Calculate the True Cost of Financing

Why it’s Important to Shop Around for Business Loans

Responsible Use of the Merchant Cash Advance

SBA Loans: 6 Tips to Hel You Prepare

How Much Should You Borrow for Your Business

So You’ve Been Turned Down for a Loan. Now what?


What do Lenders Like to See?

Credit Card Sales Tip – Track Your Data for Lenders

Deep Dive on Deal Structure

Write Down the Details for Business Lenders

Prepare Business Lender Applications Patiently


Women and Minority Business Owners

Study on Women-Owned Businesses Lacking Access to Capital

Bill to Aid Women-Owned Businesses

Washington Post Article: Black, Hispanic Entrepreneurs Discriminated Against When Seeking Small Business Loans 


Business Growth

Generating Your 409A Valuation

How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign to Grow Your Business



How FundWell Helps Lenders

How FundWell Helps Small Business Owners

How FundWell Helps Small Business Service Providers


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